Modlany (German: Modlan) is a village approximately 4 kilometres east of the Czech town of Teplice. It is a village of about 900 people that includes a football complex and a World War II memorial. The village lacks many important buildings like an elementary school or a hospital, city buses travel regularly between Modlany and Teplice.Contents 1 Geography 2 History 3 External links 4 ReferencesGeography[edit] Modlany is situated between the two cities of Teplice and Ústí nad Labem in the Teplice District. It has an average elevation of 188m and an area of 10.1 km². Many other villages in the area such as Drahkov, Kvítkov, Suché and Věšťany are now a part of Modlany. History[edit] The village was first mentioned on paper in 1328. Before it belonged to the perimeter of the castle Kyšperk. The church was established in 1352 and the first school was built in 1899.[1] External links[edit]Modlany websiteReferences[edit] ^ Obec Modlany – Oficiální internetové stránky obce: Titulní stránka v t e Towns, market towns and villages of Teplice DistrictBílina Bořislav Bystřany Bžany Dubí Duchcov Háj u Duchcova Hostomice Hrob Hrobčice Jeníkov Kladruby Kostomlaty pod Milešovkou Košťany Krupka Lahošť Ledvice Lukov Měrunice Mikulov Modlany Moldava Novosedlice Ohníč Osek Proboštov Rtyně nad Bílinou Srbice Světec Teplice Újezdeček Zabrušany Žalany Žim Coordinates: 50°39′N 13°54′E / 50.650°N 13.900°E / 50.650; 13.900Wikimedia Commons has media related to Modlany. thanks wikipedia.

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North Guwahati

North Guwahati উত্তৰ গুৱাহাটী Durjaya (Ancient) Neighbourhood North Guwahati Show map of Assam North Guwahati Show map of IndiaLocation in Assam, India Coordinates: 26°11′N 91°43′E / 26.18°N 91.72°E / 26.18; 91.72Coordinates: 26°11′N 91°43′E / 26.18°N 91.72°E / 26.18; 91.72 Country  India State Assam District Kamrup Rural district[1] Government  • Body North Guwahati Town Committee Elevation 33 m (108 ft) Population (2001)  • Total 16,131 Languages  • Official Assamese Time zone IST (UTC+5:30) PIN 781 XXX Vehicle registration AS Website North Guwahati is northern part of city of Guwahati and a town area committee in Kamrup district in the Indian state of Assam.This town which abounds in historical places and picnic spots. National Highway 31 passes through North Guwahati.Contents 1 History 2 Geography 3 Demographics 4 Places of interest 5 IIT Guwahati 6 ReferencesHistory[edit] North Guwahati also known as Durjaya, was capital of ancient state of Kamarupa under Pala dynasty.[2] In early medieval times area was known as Kamarupa Nagara. North Guwahati possesses temples, roads, bridges, fortifications and moats which are of ancient origin. There are two temples on the Aswakranta hill. The upper temple contains the image of Vishnu lying on Ananta-Sajya. It is one of the finest specimens of sculptural skill in Kamarupa about the beginning of the twelfth century. The western part of the town is called Sil-Sako because it still contains a small stone-built bridge over a stream. The eastern part is known as Raja-duar (king’s gate), which shows that the Raja’s palace was there. The second copper-plate of Dharma Pala was found in the village of Rangmahal about two miles to the north of Raja-duar. This is another indication that the capital was then at North-Guwahati. In Rajaduur itself exists the rock-inscription, dated 1127 Saka, proclaiming the destruction of the Turkish army of Mahammad Bukhtiyar. North Guwahati continued to be the capital from the time of Dharma Pala till about 1260 A.D. when the seat of government was transferred to further west. The stone-slab inscriptioun found on the hill in Raja-duar, abutting on the Brahmaputra, it can found that this small hill was the abode of Sri Chandra Bharati, a well-known Kamrupi poet of the sixteenth century.[3] Geography. thanks wikipedia.

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Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University

This article includes a list of references, but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. (July 2013) (Learn how and when to remove this template message)Nizhny Novgorod State Technical UniversityНижегородский государственный технический университет им. Р. Е. АлексееваType Public Established 1917 Rector Дмитриев С. М. Students 11000 Location Nizhny Novgorod, Russia Campus urban Website Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University (Russian: Нижегородский государственный технический университет им. Р. Е. Алексеева, NNSTU) is a public technical university located in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. The NNSTU was founded in 1917, the university was renamed in honour of a famous alumni, Rostislav Alexeyev, in 1992.Contents 1 History 2 Notable faculty and alumni 3 See also 4 Further reading 5 NotesHistory[edit] In 1898, Warsaw was opened Warsaw University of Technology. In 1915, in connection with the events of the First World War, it was evacuated to Nizhny Novgorod.[1][2] It was renamed by Nizhny Novgorod University of Technology, in 1918.[3] In 1918 was founded State University of Nizhny Novgorod.It absorbed: the “Nizhny Novgorod University of Technology”, the Higher agricultural courses, and subsequently entered medical courses and Higher Pedagogical Institute.On the technical departments of the university taught M. A. Bonch-Bruevich, V.P. Vologdin, I.R. Braitsev, G.V. Trinkler, etc. And in 1930 Mechanical Engineering Institute and the Institute of Chemical Technology were separated from the State University of Nizhny Novgorod. Also separately were created: Construction Institute, Pedagogical Institute, the Institute of Agriculture and the Institute of Medicine.In 1934, the Institute of Mechanical Engineering and the Institute of Chemical Technology will integrate were the Gorky Institute of Industrial.The university was renamed in “Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University by R.E.Alexeyev”, in 1992. Notable faculty and alumni[edit]Rostislav Alexeyev — inventor.He invented and designed the world’s first Ekranoplans. Alexey Sudayev — weapons designer. He created the PPS submachine gun. Igor Shelushkov — mental calculator. The main building of NNSTUT. thanks wikipedia.

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Mailhot is a surname, and may refer to:Brian Mailhot (born 1975), American professional wrestler René Mailhot (circa 1942-2007), Canadian journalistSee also[edit]Hotmail This page or section lists people with the surname Mailhot. If an internal link intending to refer to a specific person led you to this page, you may wish to change that link by adding the person’s given name(s) to the link. thanks wikipedia.

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List of state leaders in 1521

See also List of state leaders in 1520 Events of 1521 List of state leaders in 1522 State leaders by year This is a list of heads of state, government leaders, and other rulers in the year 1521.Contents 1 Africa 2 Americas 3 Asia 4 Europe4.1 Balkans 4.2 Central Europe 4.3 Holy Roman Empire 4.4 Italy 4.5 Modern Russia and Ukraine 4.6 Scandinavia 4.7 Western Europe 5 Indian sub-continent 6 Middle East and North Africa 7 External linksAfrica[edit]Sultanate of Fumban, Ngoul I, ruled 1519–1544 Ethiopian Empire – Dawit II (1508–1540) Kingdom of Kongo – Alfonso I, Manikongo (1509–1542) Imerina – Rangita, Queen of Imerina (1520–1530) Kingdom of Kano – Muhammad Kisoki (1509–1565) Kingdom of Mutapa – Chikuyo Chisamarengu (1494-c. 1530) Sennar Sultanate – Amara Dunqas (1503–1533/4) Songhai Empire – Askia Mohammad I, Askia of the Songhai Empire (1493–1528) Warsangali Sultanate – Gerad Liban (1503–1525) Wolof Empire – Bukaar Biye-Sungule (1492–1527)Americas[edit]Aztec Empire – Cuauhtémoc (1520–1521)The last Aztec Emperor surrendered to Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés. K’iche’ Kingdom of Q’umarkaj – Oxib Keh (1500–1524) Inca Empire – Huayna Capac (1493–1527) Muisca Confederationzipa – Tisquesusa (1514–1537) zaque – Quemuenchatocha (1490–1538) Purépecha Empire – Tangaxuan II (1520–1530)Asia[edit]Aceh Sultanate – Ali Mughayat Syahn (c. 1514–1530) Ava Kingdom – Shwenankyawshin (1501–1527) Bhaktapur – Prana Malla (1519–1547) Sultanate of Brunei – Bolkiah (1485–1524) Cambodia (Kingdom of Charktomok) – Chey Chettha Thirach, ruled 1512–1525 Cebu – Rajah Humabon China (Ming dynasty) -Zhengde Emperor (1505–1521) Jiajing Emperor (1521–1567) Kingdom of Cochin – Unniraman Koyikal II (1503–1537) Golconda Sultanate – Quli Qutb Mulk (1518–1543) Hanthawaddy Kingdom – Binnya Ran II (1492–1526) Japan (Sengoku period)Monarch – Emperor Go-Kashiwabara (1500–1526) Ashikaga shogunate -Ashikaga Yoshitane (1508–1521) Ashikaga Yoshiharu (1521–1546) Kantipur – Surya Malla, King of Kantipur (1520–1530) Kedah Sultanate – Sultan Mahmud Shah II (1506–1546) Sultanate of Kelantan – Paduka Sri Sultan Mansur Shah ibni al-Marhum Sultan Iskandar Shah (1467–1522) Khanate of Khiva – Ilbars I (1515–1525) Kamata Kingdom – Biswa Singha (1515–1540) Joseon (Korea) – Jungjong (1506–1544) Limasawa – Rajah Colambu Sultanate of the. thanks wikipedia.

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Kodala Kodala City Kodala Show map of Odisha Kodala Show map of IndiaLocation in Odisha, India Coordinates: 19°38′N 84°57′E / 19.63°N 84.95°E / 19.63; 84.95Coordinates: 19°38′N 84°57′E / 19.63°N 84.95°E / 19.63; 84.95 Country  India State Odisha District Ganjam Elevation 16 m (52 ft) Population (2001)  • Total 12,341 Languages  • Official Oriya Time zone IST (UTC+5:30) PIN 761032 Telephone code 06810 Vehicle registrationOR-07 OD-07Website Kodala is a town and a notified area committee in Ganjam district in the Indian state of Odisha.Contents 1 Geography 2 Demographics 3 Politics 4 ReferencesGeography[edit] Kodala is located at 19°38′N 84°57′E / 19.63°N 84.95°E / 19.63; 84.95.[1] It has an average elevation of 16 metres (52 feet). Demographics[edit] As of 2001[update] India census,[2] Kodala had a population of 12,341. Males constitute 50% of the population and females 50%. Kodala has an average literacy rate of 54%, lower than the national average of 59.5%: male literacy is 66%, and female literacy is 42%. In Kodala, 15% of the population is under 6 years of age. Politics[edit] Current MLA from Kodala Assembly Constituency is Niranjan Pradhan of BJD, who won the seat in State elections in 2004. Rama Krushna Pattanaik won this seat as BJD candidate in 2000, as JD in 1995 and 1990, and as JND candidate in 1985 and 1977. Kanhu Charan Naik of INC(I) had won this seat in 1980.[3] Kodala is part of Aska (Lok Sabha constituency).[4] References[edit] ^ Falling Rain Genomics, Inc – Kodala ^ “Census of India 2001: Data from the 2001 Census, including cities, villages and towns (Provisional)”. Census Commission of India. Archived from the original on 2004-06-16. Retrieved 2008-11-01.  ^ “State Elections 2004 – Partywise Comparison for 70-Kodala Constituency of Odisha”. Election Commission of India. Retrieved 2008-09-13.  ^ “Assembly Constituencies – Corresponding Districts and Parliamentary Constituencies of Odisha” (PDF). Election Commission of India. Retrieved 2008-09-13.  v t e Ganjam district ConstituencyAska Berhampur Bhanjanagar Chhatrapur Chikiti Digapahandi Gopalpur Hinjili Polasara Kabisuryanagar Khalikote Sanakhemundi Surada Towns and villagesAsika Bahadur Pentho Ballipadar Bandhaguda Belaguntha Bhanjanagar B.D.Pur Sasan. thanks wikipedia.

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Pablo Martinez (footballer)

Pablo MartinezPersonal information Date of birth (1989-02-21) 21 February 1989 (age 27) Place of birth Martigues, France Height 1.82 m (5 ft 11 1⁄2 in) Playing position Left-back Club informationCurrent teamAngers Number 21 Youth career 0000–2006 Nîmes Olympique Senior career* Years Team Apps (Gls) 2006–2009 RCD Mallorca B 0 (0) 2009–2010 Uzès Pont du Gard 0 (0) 2010–2011 Martigues 6 (0) 2011–2013 Uzès Pont du Gard 63 (2) 2013–2016 Gazélec Ajaccio 94 (1) 2016– Angers 0 (0)* Senior club appearances and goals counted for the domestic league only and correct as of 23 June 2016 (UTC).Pablo Martinez (born 21 February 1989) is a French professional footballer who plays as a defender for Angers in Ligue 1. Club career[edit] After years in the French lower divisions, Martinez joined Gazélec Ajaccio in June 2013, while the club was in the third division.[1] He made his full professional debut a year-later, in a Ligue 2 victory over Valenciennes.[2] References[edit] ^ “Ajaccio GFC : Une cinquième recrue arrive” (in French). 9 June 2013. Retrieved 25 April 2015.  ^ “GFC Ajaccio vs. Valenciennes FC” (in French). 1 August 2014. Retrieved 25 April 2015. Transfert : Pablo Martinez du Gazélec à Angers,, 21 June 2016External links[edit]Pablo Martinez – French League Stats at (French) Pablo Martinez at Soccerway Pablo Martinez Profilev t e Angers SCO – current squad 1 Petrić 3 Andreu 4 Pavlović 5 Mangani 6 Bourillon 7 Toko Ekambi 8 Traoré 9 Diedhiou 10 Sunu 11 Nwakaeme 12 Wissa 14 Ketkeophomphone 15 Capelle 16 Michel 17 N’Doye (c) 18 Santamaria 19 Pépé 20 Tait 21 Martinez 23 Saihi 24 Thomas 26 Tahrat 27 Doré 29 Manceau 30 Letellier — Serin Manager: MoulinThis biographical article relating to French football is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v t e. thanks wikipedia.

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Anchiopsis Temporal range: Early-Mid Devonian Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Arthropoda Class: Trilobita Order: Phacopida Family: Dalmanitidae Genus: Anchiopsis Delo, 1935Anchiopsis is a genus of trilobite in the order Phacopida, which existed in what is now New York, U.S.A. It was described by Delo in 1935, and the type species is Anchiopsis anchiops, which was originally described as Calymene anchiops by Green in 1832.[1] References[edit] ^ Available Generic Names for Trilobites P.A. Jell and J.M. Adrain. External links[edit]Anchiopsis at the Paleobiology Database This Trilobite-related article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v t e. thanks wikipedia.

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Lithuania Philatelic Society

This article does not cite any sources. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. (March 2014) (Learn how and when to remove this template message)Lithuania Philatelic SocietyFounded 1946 Founder John Green (first president) Type not-for-profit organization Focus Lithuania LocationUSAOrigins Chicago, IllinoisArea servedworldwide Method publications, stamp exhibitions and cachetsMembers150Key peopleJohn Variakojis, presidentRevenuemembership Mission the collection and research of Lithuanian stamps and philatelic history Website Lithuania Philatelic Society The Representative Collection of Lithuanian and Klaipeda (Memel) Stamps, assembled by the society, was donated to Lithuania in 1999. Lithuania Philatelic Society is a philatelic society dedicated to the collection and study of Lithuanian postage stamps and postal history.Contents 1 History 2 Meetings 3 Publications 4 LITHPEX 5 Donation to Lithuania 6 Membership 7 Organization 8 See also 9 External linksHistory[edit] The society was founded in 1946 in Chicago, Illinois. John Green served as the first president of the organization from 1946 to 1948. Meetings[edit] Meetings are held at least twice a year usually in the Chicago, Illinois area. Although the society has members in other countries, such as Lithuania, Germany, Canada, Japan, and Australia, most of the members live in the United States. Publications[edit] The society publishes an illustrated journal, containing from 40 to 100 pages, usually twice a year, which contains philatelic articles on Lithuania, as well as society news. It is written in both English and Lithuanian. In 1996, the Lithuania Philatelic Society celebrated its 50th anniversary and in 1997 issued a book entitled “50 Years”, which provides a complete description of the history of the society. Currently, Dr. Audrius Brazdeikis serves as the Editor of the Lithuania Philatelic Society Journal. LITHPEX[edit] The society holds a philatelic exhibition, called LITHPEX, every other year, and provides cachets for the event. The Society designs special pictorial USPS cancels for LITHPEX shows. Donation to Lithuania[edit] From 1962 to 1975, members of the society worked to form a complete collection of stamps of Lithuania to be donated to the country of Lithuania once it again became a free country. The collection was entitled “The Represen. thanks wikipedia.

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Ergün Zorlu

This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. Please help by adding reliable sources. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately, especially if potentially libelous or harmful. (April 2011) (Learn how and when to remove this template message)Ergün ZorluCountry (sports)  Turkey Residence Istanbul, Turkey Born (1985-02-03) February 3, 1985 (age 31) Height 6 ft 1 in (185 cm) Turned pro 21 July 2003 Plays Right-handed Prize money $12,287 Singles Career record 0-2 Career titles 0 Highest ranking No.795 (12 September 2011) Current ranking No.795(12 September 2011) Grand Slam Singles results Australian Open – French Open – Wimbledon – US Open – Doubles Career record 0-1 Highest ranking No.742 (23 April 2007) Ergün Zorlu is a Turkish tennis player. He reached the final of the 2009 ITF Men’s Turkey F7 Future Cup, losing to Marco Simoni 6-4, 6-2. Later, he joined in the Turkey F8 Futures, losing 1-2 in the first round to Timo Nieminen. Singles Finals[edit] Legend (Singles) Grand Slam (0) Tennis Masters Cup (0) ATP Masters Series (0) ATP Tour (0) Challengers (0) Futures (1) No. Date Tournament Surface Opponent in the final Score 1. 2009Ankara ClayMarco Simoni 6–4, 6–2 References[edit] links[edit] t e Association of Tennis Professionals:Top ten Turkish male singles tennis players as of 24 October 20161. Marsel İlhan (244 17) 2. Cem İlkel (322 3) 3. Anıl Yüksel (501 5) 4. Altuğ Çelikbilek (606 7) 5. Muhammet Haylaz (811 16)6. Barkın Yalçınkale (1,064 3) 7. Sarp Ağabigün (1,161 51) 8. Alp Sentay (1,202 4) 9. Sefa Suluoglu (1,430 6) 10. Mert Altinalev (1,837 5) This biographical article relating to Turkish tennis is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v t e. thanks wikipedia.

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